Our Mission

We are motivated in our ventures, not by thoughts of personal gain, but rather through a very firm belief in our ability to aid those in less fortunate circumstances. We believe that any use of our talents should be focused toward eliminating inequities in the world, not contributing to them by providing for the bottom line of a corporation.

We believe that energy should not be hoarded and exclusive to those who can pay, but rather, accesible to all in order to alleviate other humanitarian concerns such as clean drinking water and enabling agriculture to alleviate food shortages.  Please see Designs For People In need for information on all the different designs.

It is this motivation that led to the original idea of this solar thermal unit. Instead of focusing on the most efficient way to create power, we instead focused our energy on creating a method that anyone, anywhere could duplicate for minimal cost. It has therefore been, since the very beginning, our aim to use materials that could be accessed easily anywhere we might go and could be built by anyone if given the right information.

After the very first test, in which we realized the incredible success of the unit to boil water using only sunlight, a pipe and some tin foil, we realized we finally had a method to help as we had always dreamed.

At this point, we decided to incorporate teaching and spreading this information as we travelled to populations in need. It felt hypocritical to us to travel using fossil fuels while preaching the use of renewable energy. From this, the idea of the solar thermal car was born.

It's purpose would be many fold. First, it would provide an ecological way to travel. Second, it would double as our long-term living space. Third, and most important, it would stand as an example and garner interest from the people we intend to aid.

Below is a map of our projected route.



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