Designs For People In Need

We would like to provide designs and help people in need so they can build their own homemade solar thermal power units out of local and recycled material.  There are many uses for these units.  I will list them from easiest to build to most difficult. Each unit has different versions and sizes based on materials and tools available in the area and need.  Please click on the link for each unit to see a full description, test data and an in depth how to tutorial. 

Please note building and testing of these units is still on going.  This is required to finalize the designs.  If information is missing please come back at a later date.

1 Water Pasteurization Unit- In many areas of the world fresh water is available but contains disease causing bacteria.  This unit uses focused sunlight to heat water close to boiler to kill these bacteria and make the water safer to drink

2 Cooking Unit- Many people in the world spend a large part of their day gathering fire wood.  They then sit by the fire breathing in the smoke to cook their meals.  This unit uses focused sunlight to cook food all day without fire. 

Baking bread with solar powerBaking bread golden brown

3 Desalination Unit- Many coastal communities have very little access to fresh water.  This desalination unit boils sea water and condenses it into clean drinking water.


4 Well Pump Unit- Many areas of the world are too dry to plant crops all year round. This well pump unit can be used to pump water from a well during all daylight hours.  This water can be used to flood fields and grow crops all year round.

5 Electricity Generation Unit- This system can be hand built in areas where there is no access to electricity.  The power can be stored in a heat storage system or in batteries.

6 Sun tracking- This can be added to any of the units to remove the need for manual mirror adjustments

7 Heat Storage- This is a very low cost method of storing energy.  It can be used with system 4 or 5 in order to run the pump or have electricity overnight.

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