Water Pasteurization Unit

Water Pasteurization involves heating water to close to boiling in order to kill all the disease causing bacteria.  In many places in the world many people are dying from diseases that can be prevented by pasteurizing their drinking water.  The units below are very easy and cheap to build and will pasteurize water on every sunny day. 

The Pasteurizing unit is the simplest unit that can be built.  This unit only heats water below 100c.  This unit can also be used for heating water for showers and cleaning.

The cheapest version can be built completely from garbage.  Cardboard can be used for the structure and shinny food rappers (chip and candy rappers) can be used as the mirror film.  A how to video was made that goes into great detail for constructing this unit. Please find the link below.

How to build a cardboard solar thermal unit

This small unit can be used to heat small amounts of water in a pop can or glass bottle.  One unit could provide enough pasteurized water for one person.  Maybe 2 litres of water per day.  These units need to be adjusted towards the sun every hour or so.  Below is a graph of heating water with this simple cardboard unit.

Cardboard unit heating up

A larger unit can be built out of wood to provide pasteurized water for a whole family.  The vertical test unit can boil 1.5 litres of water in 30 minutes. 


The link below is a video of water boiling in the pipe.

Water boiling video

This unit could provide over 15 litres of pasteurized water per sunny day. This unit uses a metal fence post tube to boil the water.  A food safe tube would have to be used for drinking water.

This unit needs to be adjust about every 30 minutes.  This works out well as you can set it up with water and come back after 30 minutes to refill it and adjust it into the sun.

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