Camper System

We will be travelling for a long time in this solar thermal car so we have decided to transform the trailer into a camper at night. The solar thermal mirror will flip upside down to form the roof of our camper. Doors will rotate up to form the walls. The first 2 mirrors, 5 by 8 feet will be used as the bed room and kitchen of the camper. The kitchen will have a stove and oven that will be heated by the hot solar oil stored in a small heat storage tank. The last section of the trailer will be tapered for Aerodynamics and will house the water loop and electrical system. The last section will be a kind of garage where repairs can be made to these systems.

The CAD picture below is just of the bedroom.


The entire house will have to fold down to be about 1ft high to allow the mirrors to rotate. All you furniture, bed ... will have to fit in this small space. We will be storing some of our stuff in the car as well. I will be building tables that car hinged to the doors and will fold out easily. We will also be using folding chairs. We are hoping that we can switch quickly at night between driving mode and camper mood.

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