Rooms In Trailer

We will be restricted by what we can keep in the trailer while driving by the overall trailer weight.

The inside top of the mirror will be about 5.5 feet so standing will not be very comfortable. There will also be a large glass tube about a foot lower. We have consider raising the mirror for the camper mode but the oil and water systems would have to move too. Also the 4 pipe supports would have to be raised together. Right now the height of the trailer is limited by the height of the car. To reduce drag (see Aerodynamic system) the trailer must be the same height as the car. Sitting in the trailer should be very comfortable though.

Plexiglass windows will be installed into the door/walls.

Not installing a wall between the bedroom and living room would save weight but will make sleeping in the bed room difficult with the other 2 mirrors running.

The 3 mirror design allows the bed room to keep it's mirror upside down as the other 2 mirrors track the sun and create power with the morning sun. The hot oil would bypass the bedroom loop and would flow around the two other mirrors. We are not sure how loud the oil pump or steam turbine will be but we are hoping we can sleep while the batteries are charging in the morning.

Living room. A small table with a sink and oven/stove top will fold out or be stored in the car. A table to eat at will be in the living room.

Bedroom. The bed room will have a 1ft thick mattress and beside tables. There will be some places for us to store our cloths. A small computer test will also fold out of the wall. The bed room is the only room that can be used while the system is charging. There will be some days when we choose not to travel and just spend time in the bedroom while the system is charging. We will be able to easily fold the mattress against the wall for more room.

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