The Arduino uses simple programing to react to sensor data. The programming can be changed at any time to fine tune the system. The Arduino can also be used to record data for testing or to display data in real time in the car as we are driving. We can monitor our battery levels and the entire solar thermal systems while it is operating.

I have started testing with the Arduino mega. For the solar thermal car another Arduino may be required if more pins are needed. 


The Arduino can run its programming about 1000 times a second. It can react very quickly to sensor changes and can be used for extremely accurate sun tracking.

To upload a new program a computer is connected to the Arduino using a standard USB cable. The program is then downloaded. The Arduino will then run this program whenever it is plugged in. It runs the program in a loop until disconnected.

The Arduino uses very low power circuity but by using transistors and solenoid switches any sized motor can be controlled by the Arduino. In this way the Arduino can be used to sun track the largest of mirrors and even control the speed of the large drive motor.

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