Electrical System

The electrical system is need so that the Steam Turbine energy can be stored. The electrical system is also very useful to power electrical item over night in the camper.


The electrical system starts at the Generator. The generator is connect to the steam engine so that I can convert the rotations energy into electricity. The generator must be sized for the maximum power of the solar thermal system. Early calculations suggest a generator of about 3hp.

This electricity flows through a charge controller which ensures the batteries receive the right power and are not overcharged. This are very expensive and I am still looking into a way to use the Arduino as a charge controller. The batteries are charged by the generator. Batteries must be selected that are not too heavy, too expensive and can be charged and discharged fast enough. Batteries are sized based on how much energy is need to travel between charges. Early calculations suggest a battery bank of about 8HPH (see POWER DATA)

The batteries are connected to a large Drive Motor. This motor uses the power in the batteries to propel the car. The Drive motor is sized based on the desired top speed and the drag of the car. Driving up hills and accelerating is also considered. I think a drive motor of about 30hp should be enough for our slow speed travelling. A speed control is used to change the speed of the motor while driving. These large speed controls are also very expensive. I also maybe able to use the Arduino's PWM function to control the speed of the motor.

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