Oil Loop System

The oil system is used to take all the heat in the long reliever pipe and transfer it into water in a safe and small heat exchanger. I am hoping to run the solar car at a temperature less than 250C so the oil does not need to be pressurized.

The system is relatively simple. Hot oil is circulated in a loop by a pump. One section of pipe receives the sun's heat and the other section of pipe transfers this heat into water though a heat exchanger.

The receiver pipe is the heart of this system. It turns the focused sunlight into heat and reduces the amount of heat lost.

The oil required must remain stable at high temperatures and must be selected to reduce fire damage.

The oil plumbing much not leak at high temperatures and be well insulated.

The hot oil pump must be electrically driven with an external motor, must be able to withstand the high temperatures and must be well insulated.

The oil fill and drain must make filling and draining the system very easy and safe.

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