Boiler Water Feed Pump

The boiler water feed pump is required to keep the water level in the boiler at the right range. The feed pump is controlled by the boiler pump control subsystem. This system measures the water level and turns on the pump to raise the level when it is low.

The boiler feed pump must be a very high pressure pump with a low flow. Water expanses about 1600 times by volume under atmospheric pressure. This results in a small amounts of water creating huge amounts of pressurized steam to run the turbine. The feed pump will be tested on the 4x2ft mirror test unit. I am hoping the pump will run a few seconds every minute or two to refill the boiler at full sun strength.

I have been looking into some pumps and find that a pressure washer pump maybe a good choice. These pumps are low flow and very high pressure. An electric motor would drive this pump to fill the boiler. A one way valve will be installed to prevent the pressure in the boiler from leaking into the pump when it is off. It is very important that the boiler has an over pressure safety valve to avoid over pressurization.

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