Condenser and Additional Heat Engines

The condenser takes the Turbine exhaust steam and cools it so it turns back to water. This reduces the pressure at the Turbine exit. The water can then be used to start the cycle over again.

In this system I am really trying to make it as efficient as feasible so it can propel the car using a smaller mirror. The last resort for a condenser would be a radiator and fan that cools the water with airflow. Not only does this system waist the heat but it also requires some energy to run the fan.

I would like to have some Stirling engines and/or TEGs or other heat engines to use this extra heat to create some power and cool the water at the same time.

I will be conducting testings on the 4x2ft Test Unit to determine if the extra weight, cost and complexity of these extra heat engines is worth it.

The radiator could be a last resort controlled by the Arduino. If the heat engines are not enough to cool the water the Arduino would then increase the radiator fan speed to ensure the water is properly condensed. I think a used Car or motorcycle radiator and fan should be enough for this system.

If we are travelling and using the mirror, a door, controlled by the Arduino, could open more to pass air more air through the Radiator to ensure the water that is exiting the Radiator is at the correct temperature.

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