Help an Engineer Out..


We are all human, and as such, even the best of us are bound to make mistakes. There are things that may not have occured to us, and as such, we would be forever grateful if you keep an eye out for inconsistencies and mistakes!

Here is a list of design choices I am trying to make.  Any advice on these topic could really help me make the correct decision.

You can also help by spreading the word. The more people that know about this project, the more feedback there is. In turn, that makes this car the best possible version it can be. So please, if you have a friend or family member you think may be interested, pass this link along!

You can also help by becoming the engineer! Use our tutorial section to create your own unit from a very small cardboard model, to a full scale unit to meet your heating and electrical needs. Your feedback along the way, about the instructions, materials and degree of dificulty will help us to improve our instructions, and your test results will also be helpful in our development. Alex will provide support and advice along the way, as well as update the community on your progress if you want it to be shared.

Last edited: 27/03/2014

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