Weight and Cost budget

This system is very large and contains many parts. In order to control the weight and cost, each part is recorded in excel. The weight and cost are added up for all parts to help with design choices. This weight and cost budget was started very early in the design process. As more information becomes available data is updated. It is important to compare weight and cost because you must balance both. Often, as with batteries, weight can be reduced but this increases cost.

Weight limit- The towing weight limit for our Mazda Protege is 2000 lbs. We have set this as our maximum weight for the entire trailer system. We will be driving slow but the heavier the system is, the more power it will require.

Cost Limit- We have a moving cost limit based on our financial situation. At this stage we are using mostly secondhand and recycled car parts to reduce cost. We are hoping to receive part donations for some of the more expensive and difficult parts to get. Our biggest cost and weight items are the large 30hp drive motor (which is currently half the price of the entire trailer system at $4000) and the batteries. We have also been trying to build our own large battery using used laptop batteries (see battery). If you would like to aid us with a cash donation, we would be very grateful as well.

Please find pictures below of the weight/cost budget. Items in yellow are items we are not sure about. Items in grey are only used for stowing the mirror (see aerodynamic system)



Full sheet


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