Test Unit 4x2ft mirror

This test unit was built around a Pyrex glass tube we bought while in Canada. It was built to be short enough to go though doors and be taken apart and easily moved in a car. A wheel was installed to the test unit can be moved in and out of the house. This unit is the first full scale mirror width test unit. The mirror is 4ft wide and like the solar car version it will have one foot mirror extensions on both sides resulting in a 6ft wide mirror.

The picture below shows the early test unit before systems were installed.


We will be installing a sun radiation measure device on the rotating mirror. It will rotate with the mirror to show us how much radiation is hitting the mirror. We can use this as our incoming sun radiation in order to calculate system efficiencies. This is needed to ensure differences in sun radiation do not effect data we are comparing.

The following tests will or have been completed with this test unit. You can click on the title to go to that test page.

Building Mirror Support-Complete. This was the first large rotating mirror support built.

Sun Tracking Drive-Complete. This was completed using a windshield wiper motor and a garage door chain. Testing with counterbalance still need to be completed.

Sun Tracking-Using the same circuit as the small test (see Small sun tracking test)

Oil Loop Test- Using the test hot oil pump and pump control the oil loop will be tested. (for system info see Oil Loop)

Stale Air vs Vacuum Insulation- We will test the difference in efficiency

Tesla Turbine Test-The test unit boiler will provide the steam to run the Tesla turbine

Boiler Pump Test-Boiler pump controlled by the boiler pump control will be tested

Closed Water Loop Test- The steam will be condensed and reused. (for system info see Water Loop)

Comparison Testing- Different parts will be tested to see their effect on efficiency

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