One Mirror Trailer Test Unit

This Section will be filled as construction on the unit begins

The One Mirror Trailer Test Unit will again incorporate any design changes required by the previous test units. This system will have one mirror and all the parts that will be included in the solar thermal. The drive motor and battery bank will be tested in this system on the road for the first time. The mirror will be mounted on the trailer right behind the car. This mirror will have removable back corners so it can be stowed as required by the Aerodynamic System. We are testing the rear mirror in order to get a good approximation of the drag of the full system. All the stow doors will be installed and then drive testing will be conducted. The speed will be increased to ensure all doors are secure. The electric drive motor will be tested. The drag will be calculated by driving an a flat highway and measuring the power the drive motor uses. We will also test how easily the doors are removed and the mirror is resembled for charging. We will take date going through a few driving and charging cycles to see the performance of the system. Any last minute design changes can then be done before the extra two mirrors are added and the solar thermal car is complete.

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