Small Model Sun Tracking

Using small 1ft wide rotating mirror models I was able to test the sun tracking circuit. Using the sun tracking control system I was able to get the model mirror to aim at the sun. Please have a look at the videos below.

Sun tracking vs no sun tracking Video 29

Model sun tracking aimed at sun Video 16

Model sun tracking following a lamp video 15

For early sun tracking model tests and build see video 14, video 11, video 10, video 9, video 8, video 7, video 6

I used a simple system of a RC air plane servo with a pulley and elastic band to rotate the mirror. Two LDR were used under the pipe in the same way as the 4x2ft Test Unit Sun tracking.

The final tests shown in video 29 compared the heat in the pipe over time with and without sun tracking. First the mirror was aimed at the sun manually and fixed in position. The temperature quickly dropped in just over an hour to the temperature of a pipe without focused light aproximately 50c. Then the mirror was connected to the sun tracking circuit. The temperature would drop slightly but then the sun tracking would correct the mirror position. See graph below.

Model sun tracking vs no sun tracking

In the same video sun tracking was tested for almost three hours and the sun tracking kept the light focused on the pipe for the entire test.

Suntracking over time

For the 4x2ft Test Unit sun tracking the control accuracy will be increased to eliminate the small temperature drops from mirror miss alignment.

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